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What Makes VTLP Successful?

Insurance Broker

  • Stable Rates - Rate stability, as well as the continued availability of insurance coverage, are primary goals.  VTLP does not answer to shareholders and is nonprofit.   The members approve rates and dividends.  

  • Competitive Cost - VTLP is tax exempt and nonprofit; our mission is to meet the risk financing needs of our members.  We have direct access to the reinsurance markets, so there are no broker commissions.

  • Claim Services - the in-house claims team is experienced in public transit.  Our adjusters work hand-in-hand with member safety managers, attend mediations and arbitrations, and manage litigated claims to conclusion.

  • Member Services - provide data analysis and metrics to help identify root causes, customized training workshops, safety guidelines, video training library, and on-site member risk assessments.